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Future trends for proteomics

Industry Focus 2009, Past issues / 10 January 2009 /

The awarding of the Nobel Prize in chemistry to Fenn, Tanaka, and Wüthrich for their work on methods for the identification and structural characterisation of biomolecules has heralded the increasing importance of proteomics in biomedical and fundamental research. Today, vendors offer a variety of mass spectrometric instruments to provide a growing number of laboratories access to technologies best suited to address their research questions. The improvements in instrument sophistication have been matched with improvements in analytical software to increase the amount of data obtained from the proteomic samples. The last decade has also seen an increasing integration of automation so that core laboratories can now operate on a 24/7 schedule. Perhaps most importantly, the rising prominence of proteomics is due to the new generation of proteomics researchers being trained worldwide.


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