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Thus the combination of complex physical properties of powders and numerous environmental variations, such as humidity, illustrate why powder processing is so challenging.

Pharmaceutical powders characterisation – the need for a multivariate approach

Issue 3 2014, Manufacturing & Packaging / 3 July 2014 / Brian Armstrong and Katrina Brockbank, Freeman Technology

Powders and bulk materials are widely used in industry as raw materials, intermediates and finished products. Indeed, over 60% of the value of pharmaceutical sales worldwide is accounted for by powder formulations, typically as tablet/capsule/sachet or in the form of an inhalable powder. Whilst they are used extensively, they are among the most difficult materials to characterise and understand, as evidenced by the frequent problems encountered when scaling manufacturing processes, from laboratory through pilot and on to full scale production. This is primarily due to the combination of phases that comprise a powder, as these materials are assemblies of solid particles; the interstitial gas between the particles (usually air); and the moisture (from the atmosphere or from upstream processing) present on the surface or within the particle. The interaction of these phases contributes to the changeability of a powder’s behaviour and as a consequence the processing and handling of powders is certainly not straightforward or easily predictable. Additionally, variation in the particles’ properties – size, shape, texture, etc. – and their distribution within the assembly, contributes to the overall variability of the powder. Thus, it is clear that powders are complex and the characterisation of flow properties is clearly an important requirement…

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Freeman Technology unveils a new guide to powder behaviour

Supplier news / 16 June 2014 / Freeman Technology

Freeman Technology, a global leader in powder characterisation, has published a new educational guide entitled ‘An Introduction to Powders’…

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European Pharmaceutical Review interviews Freeman Technology at Pittcon 2014

News, Supplier news, Videos / 28 March 2014 / Freddy White, European Pharmaceutical Review

Freddy White, Director, European Pharmaceutical Review & Drug Target Review speaks with Tim Freeman, Managing Director, Freeman Technology at Pittcon 2014…

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Freeman Technology shows latest applications for FT4 Powder Rheometer® at PITTCON 2014

Supplier news / 5 March 2014 / Freeman Technology

Powder characterisation specialists from Freeman Technology will be at PITTCON 2014 where the company is exhibiting the FT4 Powder Rheometer®…

Freeman Technology FT4 Powder Rheometer in laboratory

App Note: Freeman Technology – Optimising continuous wet granulation

Whitepapers / 20 January 2014 / Freeman Technology

Freeman Technology and GEA Pharma Systems have conducted a study to investigate the feasibility of predicting critical quality attributes (CQA) of tablets from intermediate granule properties…

Industry Expert Panel

Issue 1 2013 / 21 February 2013 / Expert Panel

Welcome to European Pharmaceutical Review’s Industry Expert Panel. We have assembled a panel of authoritative voices from the pharmaceutical industry to speak on a wide range of issues that affect this industry, sharing their expertise and insight with our readers.

Tim Freeman, Managing Director of Freeman Technologies with the 2012 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category International Trade.

Freeman Technology and guests celebrate official presentation of 2012 Queen’s Award

News, Supplier news / 19 July 2012 / Kapler Communications Ltd

On 13 July, Dame Janet Trotter, presented Tim Freeman with the 2012 Queen’s Award…

Tim Freeman, Managing Director, Freeman Technology

Freeman Technology interviewed by European Pharmaceutical Review at Interphex 2012

Videos / 6 June 2012 / Freddy White, European Pharmaceutical Review

Tim Freeman, Managing Director, Freeman Technology speaks to Freddy White, Director of the European Pharmaceutical Review at Interphex 2012.

Freeman Technology highlights relevance of the FT4 for DPI characterisation at RDD 2010

Supplier news / 11 March 2010 /

At Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) 2010, April 25 – 29, Florida, USA, Freeman Technology will highlight the unique insight the FT4 Powder Rheometer offers DPI formulators…


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