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SBS Biopharmaceuticals Symposium: Exploring synergies across drug formats

Issue 2 2010 / 9 May 2010 / EPR

Biopharmaceuticals is a rapidly growing sector of the pharmaceutical industry. Major pharmaceutical companies have recognised this trend in recent years and defined ambitious targets for the proportion of their pipeline that is expected to be filled by novel biopharmaceuticals. It is inevitable that many of the scientists involved with small-molecule drug discovery will be called upon to contribute their experience to biopharmaceuticals discovery. Understanding of the drug-discovery process and appreciation of the similarities between these processes in smallmolecule and biopharmaceuticals are limited.

SBS: 16th Annual conference and Exhibition

Issue 1 2010 / 22 February 2010 /

During this five day event, more than 2,000 scientists, innovators, researchers and industry analysts from around the world will converge in Phoenix to learn about the latest trends and basic and applied research that are transforming the way new pharmaceuticals are developed…

SBS 15th annual conference and exhibition

Issue 2 2009, Past issues / 20 March 2009 /

The 15th annual SBS conference and exhibition will be held in Lille, the capital of the Nord-Pas-de Calais region in Northern France. 2009 is a momentous year for SBS as it is the 15th anniversary of the formation of the Society and to celebrate the occasion this year’s theme will be ‘Bioassay & Technology Innovation: 15 Years of shaping Drug Discovery’.

Advancing the science of drug discovery

Issue 2 2007, Past issues / 27 March 2007 / EPR

Montréal, one of Canada’s most vibrant and beautiful cities, provides an idyllic setting for the Society of Biomolecular Sciences’ 13th Annual Conference & Exhibition. The 2007 scientific program encompasses many of the core themes from previous SBS conferences, including target biology and screening strategies, as well as new instrumentation and technologies. Additional core sessions will focus on challenges and automation solutions to compound management, high-throughput screening using native cells, and novel approaches to functional target validation.


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