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Support for lead optimisation and target validation

Issue 3 2005, Past issues / 22 August 2005 / Stefan Prechtl, Group Leader, High Content Analysis and Philip Denner, Schering AG

High-Content Analysis (HCA) provides a drug discovery tool capable of rapid screening of drug effects in pharmacologically relevant cell culture systems. Interest in HCA has been increasing during the past few years. This reflects the confidence that HCA-technology has established due to the stability and reliability offered to the drug discovery process. HCA offers the capability to support an experienced and open minded cell biologist in challenging the current limits of cell biology. HCA is a versatile tool providing statistically secured data of cellular and subcellular events, respectively.


Issue 1 2005, Past issues / 7 March 2005 / Dirk C. Hinz, Ph.D., Schering AG, Corporate CMC Development, In-Process Control Dept.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing occurs in a highly regulated environment, where most of the manufacturing is performed in batches, in stop-and-go steps and with off-line testing of product quality. Additionally, due to patent restrictions, there is always ‘speed to market’ pressure.


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