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Biochemical Assays for Screening Workshop

Access the latest Biochemical Screening Technologies

3 Day Practical Workshop

Date: 9, 10 & 11 April 2013
Venue: European ScreeningPort, Hamburg, Germany

*** This workshop is now fully booked, however we are now accepting registrations for our Cell Based Assays for Screening workshop in June ***

Sheraz Gul shares his thoughts at the Biochemical Assays for Screening workshop. He also previews the forthcoming Cell Based Assays for Screening workshop which will be held in June 2013. 

Biochemical Assays for Screening Workshop - April 2013

European Pharmaceutical Review and European ScreeningPort are pleased to present a unique practical workshop covering the development of biochemical assays for screening purposes.

Taking place over three days at the European ScreeningPort facility in Hamburg, the workshop will offer attendees the chance to participate in practical sessions using the latest technology available from six of the top screening equipment / reagent vendors in the pharmaceutical industry.

This is a must-attend event for anyone in the drug discovery industry to learn about screening technologies and discover what they can do for your company or laboratory.

Download the programme >>

Workshop topics include

  • Choice of biochemical assay development projects: kinase, protease or histone deacetylase
  • Kinetic characterisation of enzymes
  • Km determination for substrates
  • IC50 determination for inhibitor, signal stability, choice of liquid handling and Z’
  • Aspects of adaption of assays for screening of a small molecule library (known drugs)
  • Data analysis and classifying compounds as Hits
  • Interferers
  • Validation of Hits selected from screening campaigns

Who should attend

  • Scientists at all levels (undergraduates, postgraduates and laboratory based scientists within academic and industrial research organisations) who are engaged in early stage drug discovery and have an interest in the development, validation and utilisation of biochemical assays for screening against small molecule libraries.
  • The course will include a series of lectures describing the screening compatible biochemical assays for use in drug discovery.
  • The majority of the course will be laboratory based in which assays for targets that are currently actively being pursued for drug discovery purposes (kinases, histone deacetylases and proteases) will be developed, validated and screened against a small molecule library (known drugs). Selected Hit compounds will be evaluated in suitable Secondary assays.

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Expected outcomes from the workshop

It is envisaged that upon completion of the course, attendees will have gained an insight into the key parameters to be considered when developing biochemical assays and performing small molecule screening, data analysis and validation of Hits in suitable Secondary assays.