eLN supplement 2011

31 August 2011  •  Author(s): John Wise (Executive Director, Pistoia Alliance), John Leonard, David Fletcher, Matthew Harrison and Ian Menzies (Pharmaceutical Development, AstraZeneca), Alexander Botzki (eLN Project Officer, VIB)

In this eLN supplement:

  • Introduction: eLNs – An essential productivity tool – but which one to use?
    John Wise, Executive Director, Pistoia Alliance
  • Using an eLN to create GMP compliant records for drug substance manufacture
    John Leonard, David Fletcher, Matthew Harrison and Ian Menzies, Pharmaceutical Development, AstraZeneca
  • Implementation of an electronic lab notebook system at VIB
    Alexander Botzki, eLN Project Officer, VIB
  • eLN sponsors roundtable, featuring Accelrys, IDBS, AgileBio, Agilent, LabWare Europe, Waters

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