Screening In-Depth Focus 2013

Posted: 16 December 2013 |

In this Screening In-Depth Focus: Technological and sociological advances in HTS: evolution and revolution?; Flow cytometry as a drug screening platform; Show Preview: High-Content Analysis 2014

Screening In-Depth Focus 2013
  • Technological and sociological advances in HTS: evolution and revolution?
    (Authors: Roger Clark, Paul Harper and Mark Wigglesworth, AstraZeneca Global High Throughput Centre)
    Pharmaceutical R&D often begins with either a High Throughput Screen (HTS) or a more directed Sub-Set Screen, whereby a collection of chemical starting points is systematically tested against a biological target of interest. The key feature of this screening paradigm is found in its ability to cover broad chemical diversity in a single screening activity with few target prerequisites. This review describes the recent evolution of the diversity screening paradigm for drug discovery. It highlights varying success rates for established screening technologies, whilst providing a perspective on technological advances. It goes on to describe orthogonal screening models and a changing attitude within the industry to collaboration between pharmaceutical companies, academia and biotech, speaking to a potential future revolution in the way hit identification is conducted…
  • Flow cytometry as a drug screening platform
    (Authors: Rob Jepras and Steve Ludbrook, GlaxoSmithKline)
    Flow cytometry is an established technology used in many research and clinical laboratories. The high speed quantitative high content analysis of cells makes flow cytometry an attractive technology for drug discovery applications and it is used at many stages of this process. It is also finding a place in drug screening laboratories. Flow cytometry is becoming an ideal tool, particularly in an environment where primary cell-based assays are increasingly being deployed to monitor drug responses…
  • Show Preview: High-Content Analysis 2014
    The Eleventh Annual High-Content Analysis 2014 meeting will focus on the next steps of technology development, including new assays and probes, more advanced image analysis and data management, and novel biological models for screening. The event will also cover case studies and applications in phenotypic screening, cytotoxicity evaluation, stem cell research, functional analysis, and more…

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