A is for Antibiotics

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A is for Antibiotics – the first instalment of our daily pharmaceutical alphabet bringing you up to date with all the latest news and research on the subject of antibiotics.

With just over a month left until the end of year, we decided to bring together the biggest and best pharmaceutical news from over the last 12 months to make sure you’re up to date when it comes to our ever growing industry. An opportunity to look at how far we’ve come in our fight against the world’s deadliest and most widespread diseases, and how very far we still have to go in finding new drug targets and treatments against many more. From Antibiotics to Zika, drug discovery to regulatory approval, new treatments, better medicines, healthcare cuts and novel approaches – all to find solutions to the many unmet calls for aid seen around the globe, let European Pharmaceutical Review put you in the know.


So, here we go. A is for Antibiotics



The biggest threat to modern medicine is just around the corner: antibiotic resistance. Without the power of antibiotics, we would be plunged into darkness without the ability to stave off deadly diseases. 

How antibiotic resistance occurs

Antimicrobial (antibiotic) resistance occurs when a microbe evolves to become more or fully resistant to antimicrobials which previously could treat it. This arises through one of three ways; natural resistance in certain types of bacteria; genetic mutation; or by one species acquiring resistance from another. Resistance can appear spontaneously due to random mutation but mainly it is due to overuse of antibiotics in humans and animals. Resistant microbes are increasingly difficult to treat, requiring alternative medications or higher doses—which may be more costly or more toxic.

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antibiotics resistance

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See the advice NICE had to offer doctors, nurses and pharmacists to help promote and monitor the sensible use of antimicrobials

Antibiotics resistance Q&A

Read how MicuRx’S Phase III MRSA antibiotic trial supported their Chinese new drug application filing to treat complicated skin and skin structure infections


Read the results of Destiny’s Staphylococcus aureus trial which showed how their fast acting antibiotic is too quick for disease resistance

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