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For the 22nd time, Analytica will bring international experts from the analysis, laboratory-technology and biotechnology sectors together at a single location.

For the 22nd time, Analytica will bring international experts from the analysis, laboratory-technology and biotechnology sectors together at a single location.

Date: 23-26 March 2010
Venue: New Muncih Trade Fair Centre, Munich

22nd International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis and Biotechnology

For the 22nd time, Analytica will bring international experts from the analysis, laboratory-technology and biotechnology sectors together at a single location. It is a key industry event that allows information to be collected about the latest products and trends in science and industry.

It is the perfect place to meet the industry’s leading manufacturers. In 2008, more than 1,000 exhibitors from around the world gave visitors a look at the entire value chain for laboratory technology, analysis, quality control, biotechnology/life sciences and diagnostics.

Some of this years confirmed exhibitors include:

  • Agilent Technologies
  • Alytech
  • BioCat GmbH
  • BMS International
  • Cecil Instruments Ltd
  • Claind S.R.L
  • Dionex GmbH
  • DYNEX Technologies
  • Eppendorf AG
  • EuroClone S.p.A
  • Fisher Scientific GmbH
  • FOSS GmbH
  • Glassco Laboratory Equipment
  • Grant Instruments Ltd
  • Hamamatsu Photonics Deutschland GmbH
  • HTA s.r.l
  • Interscience
  • IUL S.A.
  • Johnson Test Papers
  • J.P. Selecta S.A.
  • Kaiser Optical Systems
  • Konik-Test
  • Labogene APS
  • LipoFit Analytic GmbH
  • MDS Analytical Technologies
  • Nordic Service Group
  • NOVIA GmbH
  • O.I. Analytical
  • Optika Srl
  • PerkinElmer LAS
  • PolyScience
  • Q-Bioanalytic GmbH
  • Quattro Research GmbH
  • Roche Diagnostics GmbH
  • Rubotherm GmbH
  • Sartorius AG
  • Seahorse Bioscience Inc.
  • Tecan Deutschland GmbH
  • Thermo Scientific
  • Unity Scientific
  • Wyatt Technology Europe GmbH
  • Zinsser Analytic GmbH

The exhibition sectors are clearly organised and broken down according to specific themes in five halls. These sectors are:

  • Analysis and Quality Control (e.g. Instrumental analysis, Applications, and Microscopes and optical image processing)
  • Biotechnology/life sciences/diagnostics (e.g. Biotechnology applications, Laboratory technology for biotech laboratories and the life science, and Bioanalysis)
  • Laboratory technology (e.g. Laboratory equipment and machines, Laboratory automation/robotics, and Laboratory data systems and documentation)
  • InnovationArea with Biotech Forum
  • Laboratory and Analytics Forum
  • Analytica Conference
  • Analytica Training Events


The forums that accompany the exhibition feature best-practice presentations, panel discussions and the latest tips and tricks.

Biotech Forum

The Biotech Forum, which is located next to the InnovationArea, is a platform for presenting innovative products in the life-science and biotechnology sectors. Be there when the latest future trends such as industrial biotechnology and personalised medicine are introduced and explained in detail in exhibitor presentations and panel discussions. Scheduled topics include:

  • No biolaboratory without bioanalysis
  • Bioprocessing technology in practice
  • Red-Green-Blue: Biotechnology yesterday, today and tomorrow

Laboratory and Analytics Forum

The Laboratory and Analytics Forum focuses on the latest applications and marketable products in the laboratory and analysis sector. Presentations will cover everything from optimising analysis, microscopy trends and specific aspects of quality control to discussions about security, the dangers of nanomaterials and consumer protection. Scheduled topics include:

  • The networked laboratory
  • Using modern analysis methods to explore new avenues
  • Our daily bread: Analysis and quality control in the food industry

The scientific Analytica Conference is where the international scientific elite gathers. It is where the future is discussed, new foundations are laid and trends are set. The scientific congress Analytica Conference 2010 will present the latest research in the core topic areas of analytical chemistry, feature multidisciplinary programming, and highlight chemistry‘s impact on society. The Congress will bring together chemical and molecular scientists from industry, academia and government institutions across Europe and from around the world.

In a series of symposia, prominent scientists from around the world report on the latest trends, what modern analysis techniques are capable of, where they are used and what their limits are. The range of lectures is extremely diverse and covers the entire range of analysis, diagnostic, biochemical and molecular-biology methods and techniques.

This years symposia includes:

  • miRNA/siRNA mechanisms, analytics and therapeutics
  • Protein-array technology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Quantitative Proteomics: Data generation and analysis
  • Bioanalytical Tools for Protein-Protein-Interactions
  • Splicing and Human Disease: In vitro and in silico approaches
  • Cell-Based Assays
  • Biomarkers and functional assays in diabetology
  • Chromatography in trace analysis: Possibilities and challenges (including Gerstel Award ceremony)
  • Organic compounds in fine and ultrafine particles: Analysis and effects on humans
  • Can engineered nano particles swim? ENPs in the water cycle
  • High-resolution mass spectrometry – A must in clinical and forensic toxicology and in doping control?
  • Frontier developments in atomic and molecular spectroscopy for chemical analysis (including Bunsen-Kirch hoff Award ceremony).

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