Turning challenges into solutions at Merck

As part of EPR’s Women in Pharma series, Petra Wicklandt, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Chemical and Pharmaceutical Development, Merck, talks to Junior Editor Dr Zara Kassam about facing challenges in the pharmaceutical industry and turning them into solutions…

Tell me about your career? (A brief summary to date)

I hold a Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree from the University of Mainz and have more than 20 years’ experience in Healthcare R&D and commercial pharmaceutical production. I had started my career in this industry at Dupont Pharma in Medical Affairs, and joined Merck in 1994 as a lab head in Pharmaceutical Development. From there, I advanced my career by holding several leadership positions in the company, including leading an integration team during the Merck Serono integration, to my current role as Global Head of Chemical & Pharmaceutical development. I live in the Frankfurt area of Germany with my husband and 2 daughters.

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