Issue #5 2017 – Digital Version

In this issue: Sample preparation – is it possible to have too much? Developing successful over-the-counter syrup packaging for the highly regulated EU market. In-line process PAT in continous wet granulation, and much more…

European Pharmaceutical Review issue 5 2017 magazine
  • REGULATORY INSIGHT: Good manufacturing practice in Europe
    Suresh Modugu, Freyr Solutions
  • QUALITY BY DESIGN: Single-use air sampling
    Gilberto Dalmaso and Frank Panofen, Particle Measuring Systems
  • IN-DEPTH FOCUS: Microbiology
  • PACKAGING: Developing OTC syrup packaging for the highly regulated EU market
    Piotr J Zaborniak, GSK Consumer Healthcare
  • IN-DEPTH FOCUS: Ingredients
  • CONTINUOUS MANUFACTURING: In-line process PAT in continous wet granulation
    Margarethe Richter, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Chris O’Callaghan, Innopharma Technology
  • IN-DEPTH FOCUS: Separations & purifications
  • CONTINUOUS MANUFACTURING: Modernising the supply chain using continuous manufacturing
    Stephen Tindal and Ronak Savla, Catalent Pharma Solutions, and Dave Elder, David P Elder Consultancy
  • GUIDE TO… SERIES: Guide to outsourcing

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