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The ELRIG Forum 2009 is organised in cooperation with the European ScreeningPort and the North German life science agency Norgenta.

The ELRIG Forum 2009 is organised in cooperation with the European ScreeningPort and the North German life science agency Norgenta.

The ELRIG Forum 2009 is organised in cooperation with the European ScreeningPort and the North German life science agency Norgenta.

Date: 19 November 2009
Venue: European ScreeningPort, Hamburg

The major aim of this meeting is to join representatives from the biosciences, pharmaceutical industry, technology and tool providing companies as well as the scientific community to discuss the vast technological possibilities which are available to accelerate progress in the field of Drug Discovery.

The interactive format of the ‘Innovation Welcome’ is combining 20 minute scientific talks and five minute snapshot presentations about new technologies with an all day exhibition. This allows you to:

  • Gain a comprehensive overview about the most attractive technologies applicable in Drug Discovery.
  • Investigate trends of new instruments and technologies coming up on the market soon.
  • Witness demo runs of state of the art instrumentation.
  • Tour the labs of PerkinElmer, Evotec and European ScreeningPort
  • Discuss scientific details face-to-face and hands-on with the inventors.
  • Network and explore possibilities for cooperation with academics and decision makers from the Bioscience and Pharmaceutical industry.

Throughout the day innovative technology platforms applicable in Drug Discovery will be presented based on high value data generated in screening campaigns, focusing on the following topics:

  • New Assay Formats
  • Cellular Reagents – Toxicity Assessment
  • Cellular Reagents – Drug Screening


Speakers included in the program are:

  • Alexander Baumann, ProQinase
  • Eleni Mumtsidu, PerkinElmer
  • Franz-Josef Müller, ZIP Kiel, Scripps
  • Günter Fuhr, Fraunhofer IBMT
  • Horst Irlbacher, Bayer Schering Pharma
  • Igor Ivanov, Oncolead
  • Johanna Schanz, Fraunhofer IGB
  • Jovica Pavlovic, Labcyte
  • Katja Gellersen, Invitrogen
  • Kerstin David, Indivumed
  • Kerstin Hasslinger, Amgen
  • Nadia Tagnaouti, DiscoveRX
  • Nils Hansen, Vipergen
  • Paul Docherty, Gentronix
  • Peter Röhnert, Key Neurotek
  • Reiner Heller, Greiner Bio-One
  • Sebastian Preissl, Freiburg University, ESP
  • Stephen Game, Genetix

There are many exhibitors lined up for the event, these include:

  • Bionas
  • CCS Cell Culture Service
  • Cisbio Bioassays
  • Corning Life Sciences
  • DiscoveRX
  • FluidX
  • Genetix
  • Greiner Bio-One
  • Hamamatsu Photonics
  • HighRes Biosolutions
  • Indivumed
  • Invitrogen
  • IonGate Biosciences
  • Labcyte
  • nerbe plus
  • PerkinElmer
  • ProQinase
  • Sigma-Aldrich Chemie

Some information about the organisers

The international ELRIG is a rapidly growing special interest group focused on laboratory automation. Their membership consists of over 14,000 scientists and engineers worldwide. They have several chapters for the United States, United Kingdom and Germany. A majority of members are from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry with others from the chemical, agriculture, cosmetic, food, and specialty industries. Multiple regional meetings are held each year in which our members’ experiences in automation are presented.

The “German language section” e.V. is a registered public welfare association supporting sciences and education with members mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

With the annual Forum, periodic workshops and group meetings they are offering an ideal platform for open minded interdisciplinary exchange of ideas between scientists, users, engineers and producers out of the entire ‘Life Science’ area. One major benefit of the group is that most of the discussions are based on years of personal experience and not published in textbooks.

All scientific subjects/areas are launched by our scientific board including actual trends and problems.

To become a member visit

European ScreeningPort GmbH

European ScreeningPort is a public private partnership which offers fee-for-service small molecule screening to academic institutions.

Our goal is to provide the missing link in Europe between academic research and the Pharmaceutical industry and thereby to accelerate the translation of promising results generated in basic research into new therapeutics.

European ScreeningPort is a service provider that enables academic research institutes to access its state-of-the-art screening platform, its extensive collection of compounds as well as its sample and data processing capabilities. The inputs at European SceeningPort are novel or under-exploited therapeutic targets with great potential, but which are unattractive to the Pharmaceutical Industry because they may lack either tractable lead series or supporting clinical Proof-of-Content (PoC) data. Outputs range from tool compounds for mechanistic studies and PoC programs, through to high quality drug-like leads compounds suitable for progression to the pre-clinical candidate stage.

For more information please visit

Norgenta North German Life Science Agency GmbH

Norgenta is the project and service company of the federal states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. It supports life science activities in North Germany. As part of Life Science North, Norgenta combines networks and coordinates the life science activities to develop an internationally competitive cluster.

The agency networks the skills of businesses, universities, research institutes and hospitals. It initiates and supports innovative projects that help sharpen the region’s business and scientific profile. In this way, the know-how of North German universities and research institutes is selectively harnessed to develop and market products. Our goal is to establish the region as a leading location for life sciences nationally and to market it internationally.

For more information please visit

Please note:

One day prior to the Forum 2009 the annual member meeting will be held on site of the European ScreeningPort. Members of will additionally have the opportunity to visit the screening facilities of European ScreeningPort, Evotec and Perkin Elmer. The day will end with an opening reception for attendees of the “Innovation Welcome” conference.

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