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EPR Awards 2017 mock trophyCelebrating innovation, excellence, and cutting-edge science

European Pharmaceutical Review is proud to announce the inaugural EPR Awards.

In our 21st anniversary year we are celebrating the wealth of innovation, excellence, and cutting-edge science in our industry, and want to recognise individuals, companies and institutions for their outstanding achievements and endeavours.

Whether you work in research, product development or manufacturing, if you are a scientist, a manager or an academic, work for a product supplier, a CRO or CMO or in big pharma, we would like to hear about ground-breaking initiatives from around the world. You can nominate yourself, any colleague, company or institution for their excellent achievement, as long as the work or project was taking place during 2016.

European Pharmaceutical Review readers will vote on the longlisted entries, with the winners picked from the shortlist by members of the EPR Advisory Board.

All entries must be submitted by Friday 21 July.

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Award Categories

  • Most Significant Manufacturing Innovation
    Entries in this category must explain why their new manufacturing process or equipment is innovative and its expected benefits. Entries should also summarise the demonstrable benefits of this innovation where it has been deployed in practice.
  • Most Innovative Concept in Drug Delivery
    Entries in this category should demonstrate exactly how their concept delivers the right dose of drug to the right receptors in a particular patient group and with minimal side effects. Evidence could include published research or verifiable in-house documents. The innovation could be at any stage of development.
  • Outstanding Young Scientist in Drug Development
    The winner of this Award will be an exceptional individual who is making significant impact in drug development despite their limited years of experience.
    For this special Award, candidates must be nominated by a third party. The nomination should outline in no more than 750 words what the nominee has accomplished during the past year and why they are worthy of this Award. 
  • Most Innovative Use of Informatics
    Effective use of informatics is key to effective drug research and development. Entries must explain why their innovation is an improvement on previous techniques, highlighting the areas of research or production where it will be most useful, and summarising the evidence for its benefits.
  • Most Significant Development in Packaging and Labelling
    This award will take into account design, process, innovation, new ideas and Environmentally Friendly methods.
  • Excellence in Analytical Science
    If you or a colleague work in pharmaceutical analysis, this could be the opportunity for you to share recent achievements and receive some well-deserved recognition for your original research, innovative technique, or simply exceptional standards of routine analytical work.
  • Most Innovative PAT Solution
    Nominations in this category should demonstrate innovative and effective methods that have led to a more dynamic approach to manufacturing. Share with a wide industry audience exactly how your solution has affected critical process parameters and improved the critical quality attributes of a particular product.
  • Contract Manufacturer of the Year
    This winner must demonstrate their ongoing commitment to improve their contract manufacturing services and to reduce the lead times for its customers.
  • Most Innovative Development in Formulation
    Entries in this category can include any significant innovation in the field of drug formulation, with evidence of its benefits. Whether the results are demonstrated by publication of a research paper or evidenced in-house research, the results should show potential for patient benefit, cost saving or improved process efficiency.
  • Most Significant Step Forward in Biopharma Production
    Biopharma production is constantly moving forward, but if you think your process is at the leading edge of this technology then share the details with the judging panel and get the chance to have your innovation recognised. Innovations could be either a novel process or a new piece of equipment, and the benefits could be patient benefit, improved efficiency or reduced costs.
  • CEO of The Year
    The winner of this Award will be an exceptional individual with a consistent history of service, above and beyond the call of duty, the award will take into account financial and product performance, leadership skills, management capability, regulatory compliance, vision, marketing, corporate strategy.
    For this special Award, candidates must be nominated by a third party. The nomination should outline in no more than 750 words what the nominee has accomplished during the past year and why they are worthy of this Award.

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Awards Judging

Our judging panel have been selected for their expertise and knowledge of the industry and to help shape and guide our award selection. Led by Awards Chairman, Steve Bremer, EPR Editor, the panel includes:

  • Sheraz Gul, Head of Assay Development & Screening at the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology
  • Don Clark, Pfizer Global Supply
  • Michael J. Miller, President, Microbiology Consultants
  • David Elder, JPAG Chair and Consultant
  • Michael H Elliott, Atrium Research and Consulting
  • José Manuel Amigo Rubio, Associate Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen
  • Matthew Moran, Director, BioPharmaChem Ireland

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How to Enter

How to Enter

Please complete the form below to enter or email Jonathan Russell directly with your entry.

Most significant manufacturing innovationMost innovative concept in drug deliveryOutstanding young scientist in drug developmentMost innovative use of informaticsMost significant development in packaging and labellingExcellence in analytical scienceMost innovative PAT solutionContract Manufacturer of the yearMost innovative development in formulationMost significant step forward in biopharma productionCEO of the year



Awards Timeline

  • Deadline for entries: 21 July
  • Voting opens to EPR members: 18 August
  • Voting closes: 29 September
  • Shortlist announced: 19 October
  • Winners announced: 19 December (EPR’s 21st Anniversary)

Contact Us

Contact Us

Should you have any queries about the EPR Awards or European Pharmaceutical Review, please email Jonathan Russell at or call him on +44 (0)1959 563 311.

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