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Flavia Laffleur

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Laffleur F. Mucosal delivery – is this the next level in drug delivery?. European Pharmaceutical Review. 2017;3:38-40

12 July 2017 | By

References Laffleur F. Thiomers, mucoadhesion and oral delivery of biomacromolecules. Curr. Drug ther. [Internet]. 2014;9:56-62. Kharenko EA, Larionova NI, Demina NB. Mucoadhesive drug delivery systems (Review). Pharm. Chem. J. 2009. p200-8. Boddupalli B, Mohammed Z, Nath R, Banji D. Mucoadhesive drug delivery system: An overview. J. Adv. Pharm. Technol. Res.…