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Beyond API monitoring – Kaiser Optical Systems

9 February 2018 | By

Esmonde-White, K. A., Cuellar, M., Uerpmann, C., Lenain, B., & Lewis, I. R. Raman spectroscopy as a process analytical technology for pharmaceutical manufacturing and bioprocessing. Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 409, 637–649 (2016). Strachan, C. J., Rades, T., Gordon, K. C. , & Rantanen, J. Raman spectroscopy for quantitative analysis of pharmaceutical…

Moore R, Cubbon S, Blank M, Bones J. Is high resolution mass spectrometry the missing piece in continuous bioproduction?

7 September 2017 | By

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Fahrzi B, Cetinkaya C. Non-contact single cell adhesion and micromechanical property characterisation with ultrasound. 2017;22(4):36-40

7 September 2017 | By

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Panofen D, Pandolfi D, Denoya C. Compressed gases: an important component of an environmental monitoring programme. 2017;22(4):16-20

7 September 2017 | By

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Eissa M. Microorganisms and a new horizon of scientific discoveries. European Pharmaceutical Review. 2017;3:68-70

12 July 2017 | By

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Miller M. The regulatory acceptance of rapid microbiological methods. European Pharmaceutical Review. 2017;3:55-58

12 July 2017 | By

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Carnell-Morris P, Kaszuba M, Pothecary M. Analytical techniques for faster development of drug delivery systems. European Pharmaceutical Review. 2017; 44-46

12 July 2017 | By , ,

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Laffleur F. Mucosal delivery – is this the next level in drug delivery?. European Pharmaceutical Review. 2017;3:38-40

12 July 2017 | By

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Courtney P et al. Freeze-dried formulations: a new perspective on reformulating naloxone. European Pharmaceutical Review. 2017;3:32-36

12 July 2017 | By , , , ,

References National Institute on Drug Abuse: Overdose Death Rates, (Accessed 24 February 2017) Strang J, Bird SM, Parmar MKB. Take-Home Emergency Naloxone to Prevent Heroin Overdose Deaths after Prison Release: Rationale and Practicalities for the N-ALIVE Randomized Trial. Journal of Urban Health-Bulletin of the New York Academy of…

Bhardwaj V, Gaur V. Raman spectroscopy as a blood glucose monitoring tool. European Pharmaceutical Review. 2017;3:26-29

12 July 2017 | By ,

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Lankers M, Valet O, Laskina O. Subvisible particle identification in protein-based formulations by Raman spectroscopy. European Pharmaceutical Review. 2017;3:22-24

12 July 2017 | By , ,

References Strehl, R, Rombach-Riegraf V, Diez M, Egodage K, Blueme, M, Jeschke M, Koulov A. Discrimination between silicone oil droplets and protein aggregates in biopharmaceuticals: a novel multiparametric image filter for sub-visible particles in microflow imaging analysis. Pharmaceutical Research. 2012;29(2):594-602. Siska C, Pierini C, Lau H, Latypov R, Fesinmeyer R,…