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Kaiser Optical Systems



The Kaiser Difference

12 February 2018 | By

Kaiser provides optimised Raman solutions for research, analytical and process markets. Find out why leading companies around the world trust Kaiser in Raman spectroscopy to improve process efficiency, ensure product quality and achieve application success.


Beyond API monitoring – Kaiser Optical Systems

9 February 2018 | By

Esmonde-White, K. A., Cuellar, M., Uerpmann, C., Lenain, B., & Lewis, I. R. Raman spectroscopy as a process analytical technology for pharmaceutical manufacturing and bioprocessing. Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 409, 637–649 (2016). Strachan, C. J., Rades, T., Gordon, K. C. , & Rantanen, J. Raman spectroscopy for quantitative analysis of pharmaceutical…