Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc. receives 2017 Aspen Award for the advancement of upstream bioprocessing

Posted: 1 June 2018 | | No comments yet

Kaiser announces that their analytical solutions for in situ bioprocess monitoring and control has been recognised with the 2017 Aspen Award for the Advancement of Upstream Bioprocessing…

Kaiser’s analyser equipment provides in situ, real-time, simultaneous analysis of product quality, nutrients, metabolites and cell growth during cell culture and fermentation bioprocesses.

The annual Aspen Awards recognise the most innovative new products that have made the greatest contribution to the advancement of bioprocessing. Aspen Award nominees are judged on the significance of the contribution they have made to advancing either an upstream or downstream bioprocessing application. To qualify the significance of the contribution, Aspen Award voters are asked to consider one or more of the following: improved process performance, increased product quality and/or reduced operating costs.

In the category of Upstream Bioprocessing, “Raman In Situ Bioprocess Measurement System” from Kaiser, received votes from representatives of industry leaders.

Larry West, Publisher, Aspen Alert, said:

“The selection of the Raman In Situ Bioprocess Measurement System from Kaiser by our global community of biotechnology professionals, recognizes the contribution Kaiser’s technology is making to the advancement of upstream bioprocessing.”

Kaiser has an established history in life sciences, from its first feasibility studies in the mid 1990’s to their first GMP manufacturing installation in 2000. “Kaiser was the first to offer a Raman solution for the bioprocessing field and their approach has been proven and validated. Kaiser analysers provide an:

“around-the-clock” chemical sensor that enables customers to safely ensure product quality and consistency”

remarked Maryann Cuellar-Product Manager for the Life Science industry.

“Kaiser continues to be the trusted choice across all scales and manufacturing platforms. This award demonstrates the impact that the Kaiser team and its latest products are making to the continuing manufacturing evolution within the bioprocessing industry.”

Dr. Ian Lewis, Kaiser’s Director of Marketing, states:

“Kaiser is pleased that our Raman solutions have been recognized with an Aspen Award. This award comes at the end of an exciting three years period where our customers have reported on several industry firsts. Kaiser remains focused on enabling customers to safely ensure product quality and consistency through advanced process control based on the Raman products and services that are offered.’’