Protak Scientific Limited

Luminox House, 48 Holmethorpe Avenue
Redhill, Surrey, UK, RH1 2NL

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We supply, project manage and support over 50% of the top twenty largest pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of equipment used during the production of sterile medicinal product and medical devices while providing similar services to other sectors where bio-decontamination is critical to ensure the safety and efficacy of the process.

Enzyme Indicators are used during processes that utilise hydrogen peroxide for bio-decontamination such as isolators, pass through chambers and cleanrooms.

Our Enzyme Indicator technology can be effectively applied in any industry sector where gaseous bio-decontamination is used throughout the validation process.

Whether designing manufacturing facilities, building bespoke equipment or managing quality assurance of pharmaceutical production, our product is an effective measure of bio-decontamination efficacy in cleanroom settings and sterile environments where high levels of sterility are required.

In addition to Enzyme Indicator technology we provide expert consultancy services for organisations requiring bio-decontamination validation of facilities, equipment, processes – offering validation lifecycle support for a range of unique needs and requirements.