Webinar: How Pfizer utilises Enzyme Indicator technology for bio-decontamination validation

Posted: 19 April 2024 | | No comments yet

Melanie Eggers is a Sterilisation Validation Project Support Engineer at Pfizer Belgium. In this webinar, she explains how Pfizer has adopted Enzyme Indicator (EI) technology for its VHP bio-decontamination procedures. She outlines the differences in EIs compared to more traditional Biological Indicators and the way in which Pfizer utilises the technology. Melanie also explores how the detailed data EIs provide assist with cycle development, requalification, investigations and validation.

Pfizer utilises Enzyme Indicator technology for bio-decontamination validation

How is Pfizer using Enzyme Indicators as a catalyst for change in its manufacturing processes? Find out how one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers uses Enzyme Indicator (EI) technology to improve the efficiency of its VHP bio-decontamination procedures. Protak Scientific’s newest webinar sees Melanie Eggers, sterilisation validation project support engineer at Pfizer Belgium, explain how the company uses EIs to gain more detailed information about its performance. In addition, she provides insight into how Pfizer uses these learnings to help improve the process qualification cycle. In this presentation, you can also learn about how EIs compare to Biological Indicators and the real-world results the company has achieved with EIs.

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