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174 Brook Drive
Milton Park
Oxfordshire OX14 4SD
United Kingdom

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Cobalt Light Systems develops innovative products and technologies - based on novel variants of Raman spectroscopy - for non-invasive, through barrier chemical analysis in pharmaceutical, security and research applications.


RapID – Raw Materials ID Verification Through Unopened Containers

RapID enables 100% materials verification through unopened multi-layer paper sacks, plastic bottles and other containers - using Cobalt’s unique Spatially Offset Raman Spectroscopy (SORS) technology – in only 5-20 seconds.

  • ID through opaque and coloured sacks, tubs and bottles
  • Cost-effective 100% materials ID testing
  • Avoid contamination and sampling
  • Compatible with most APIs and excipients


TRS100 – Quantitative Analysis of Tablets, Capsules and Powders

TRS100 replaces HPLC in a content uniformity workflow with Transmission Raman Spectroscopy (TRS) for testing of intact tablets, capsules and powders.

  • Assay hundreds of tablets or capsules in minutes
  • Works with intact capsules, coated tablets and 10mm thickness
  • No sample preparation, wet chemistry or skilled resource
  • Quantify APIs and excipients in a single measurement
  • LOQ as low as 0.1% w/w - Even for polymorphs in intact tablets


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