Steven Baertschi

Posted: 3 July 2017 |

President of Baertschi Consulting

Dr Steve Baertschi

Dr Steven Baertschi, President of Baertschi Consulting

Dr Steven Baertschi is President of Baertschi Consulting, a firm specialising in solutions to the most difficult stability, impurity, and formulation issues. Retiring from Lilly in 2015, he brings 28 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry to his consulting firm, with a demonstrated track record of innovation and problem solving. He obtained his PhD in Organic Chemistry in 1989 from Vanderbilt University, joining Lilly that same year. Dr Baertschi has organised and chaired numerous scientific conferences and symposia on stress testing, stability, photostability, and impurities, and has published extensively in these areas. Dr Baertschi is a member of the American Chemical Society and the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and is a Fellow of the AAPS.