Lonza to host new webinar – “Paper to EBR in nine months: how a strong collaboration leads to project success”

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Free Lonza webinar to discuss the benefits of a collaborative approach to implementing an Electronic Batch Record Platform.

On 12 November, Lonza will host a free 60-minute webinar during which Nephron Pharmaceuticals will explain its decision to take a paperless approach to batch record management. Nephron will also discuss how its close relationship with Lonza allowed for a rapid implementation of Lonza’s MODA-ES™ Electronic Batch Record (EBR) Platform in just nine months, leading to increased operational efficiency and expanded product lines.

Recording batch data is an essential part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. However, the wealth of information generated by each batch is traditionally collected using paper-based workflows, which are inherently resource intensive, time consuming and can negatively impact the time-to-market for new therapeutics. As such, pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly turning to paperless EBR solutions to eliminate these challenges.

In the webinar titled “Paper to EBR in 9 Months: How a Strong Collaboration Leads to Project Success,” Bryan Beck, Vice President for Automation and Information Technology at Nephron Pharmaceuticals, will discuss the following topics:

  • Why Nephron implemented an EBR Platform
  • How the collaborative approach to expedited implementation resulted in an EBR Platform with a user-friendly and configurable design
  • How the implementation of Lonza’s MODA-ES™ EBR Platform at Nephron has enabled compliance with regulatory requirements while driving growth and operational efficiency

More information about attending the webinar is available here.

Paper to EBR in nine months: how a strong collaboration leads to project success

Speaker: Bryan Beck; Moderator: Geoffrey Swafford, Senior Manager for MODA Implementation at Lonza Bioscience Solutions
Tuesday, 12 November 2019

  • 8 AM PST (Los Angeles)
  • 11 AM EST (New York)
  • 4 PM GMT (London)
  • 5 PM CET (Berlin)

Further information can be found on the MODA-ES™ Execution System web page. By registering interest in the webinar, participants will also receive a link once it is available to view the webinar “on demand” via the Lonza website.

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