Interview with Susan Najjar, Marketing Director for Informatics at Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Freddy White, European Pharmaceutical Review speaks to Marketing Director for Informatics at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Susan Najjar…

Freddy White: What products are you launching?

Susan Najjar: We are launching Thermo Scientific ‘CONNECTS for the paperless lab’.

FW: What applications is this product used for?

SN: We have a portfolio of informatics software and ‘CONNECTS for the paperless lab’ looks at customers’ operations that are becoming more complex – there’s a lot of technology in laboratories that needs to connect and enable collaboration internally and externally – to do this, all the technology needs to be integrated. Our solution address how they connect – sometimes organizations implement a combination of technologies from enterprise solutions such as ERPs and MES, to lab systems such as LIMS and ELNs to laboratory equipment, however with this complex environment they still carry out a lot of manual and paper-intensive processes. We are going into our customers’ operations and looking at time-consuming or error-prone activities; at what tools and technology they need to invest in; and how they can make better use of their current infrastructure to connect all of these technologies together. How to run their information quickly so they make better more informed decisions, the whole issue of any time intensive, manual processes – it introduces risk, errors and wastes time.

CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab is about how we connect our customer’s infrastructure and implement the right tools and technology to connect the lab with the enterprise and R&D and the field. We are also showcasing how people are using mobile devices such as tablets to connect to their instrumentation remotely.

FW: Any big success stories so far?

SN: CONNECTS for paperless labs. We have been in the industry for 20+ years and we have a lot of success stories in lots of industries – life science, process, oil and gas, metal and mining – we’re helping companies reduce costs and save time for their manual processes.

FW: Have you won any big contracts recently?

SN: Lots of large pharma companies, environmental labs, major food producers, oil and gas organizations – we have case studies that can be found on our website at

FW: Any other mentions?

SN: We will be at analytica and we will introduce ‘CONNECTS for a paperless lab’ into the European market. We are excited to be pushing this out globally we have lots of partners around the world that can support all our customers no matter how large or small they are.

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