Interview with Robert Mattes, Applications Scientist, FOSS NIRSystems

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Freddy White, European Pharmaceutical Review speaks to Robert Mattes, Applications Scientist, FOSS NIRSystems…

Freddy White, European Pharmaceutical Review speaks to Robert Mattes, Applications Scientist, FOSS NIRSystems

FOSS logoFW: Which products did you exhibit at Pittcon?

XDS MasterLab for content uniformity testing of solid dosage forms:

ProFoss a diode array, process analyser:

FW: What are the applications or stand out features of the products?

XDS MasterLab

The FOSS XDS MasterLab provides the next generation of dedicated Near-Infrared (NIR) analysis for rapid non-destructive measurements of solid dosage forms and solids in vials:

  • automated transmission or reflectance analysis of multiple tablets, capsules, or vials
  • ensures ease-of-use and transferability
  • non-destructive analysis of solids and liquids
  • no sample preparation, no reagents, no waste


We are pleased to announce that ProFoss is now available with the Vision software for pharmaceutical and chemical process applications. ProFoss is a process analysis system based on high resolution diode array technology. It provides non-destructive analysis of pharmaceutical and chemical products directly in the process line without bypass. The solution helps to optimise the use of raw materials and to consistently run production closer to target specifications.

FW: Why does the industry need your product and what challenges does it solve?

The FOSS XDS MasterLabTM has demonstrated to be robust and accurate in harsh manufacturing environments and includes a transmission solution designed specifically for solid dosage form analysis. It has been adopted by major pharmaceutical manufacturers to measure content uniformity of active ingredients in capsules and tablets at-line. The XDS MasterLab can be placed next to the tablet press to ensure the quality of the cores and/or the finished product.

Our process NIR instruments are designed to be used in-line to measure several parameters, such as residual granulating liquid in fluid bed dryers or single pot granulators. Mean particle size and polymorph conversion can also be monitored at the same time. The FDA Process Analytical Technology (PAT) initiative encourages manufacturers to monitor processes before the final product stage. Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy is particularly well suited to in-line, real-time analysis, because it can be utilised with no sample preparation, used with multiplexed fiber optic probes, and is robust in industrial environments.

From a quality perspective there will be a greater need for NIR measurements throughout the process stream for quality attributes like blend uniformity and content uniformity. This is the effect of pharmaceutical manufacturers trying to reduce the number of time consuming and labor intensive measurements, like HPLC. In a global economy, qualitative analysis of raw materials at incoming inspection is becoming increasingly more important with the advent of identification of every container and the need for the detection of counterfeit and contaminated products. The high precision of the digital dispersive FOSS NIR analysers will play a central part in the success of these important developments.

FW: Any big news or industry recognition?

FOSS NIRSystems has been in the NIR market for over 45 years and has an impressive installed base of laboratory and process NIR analysers. Our analysers are involved in the complete process – from incoming raw materials to finished products. We offer proven digital dispersive NIR analysers, which are fast, accurate, and not sensitive to vibration.

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