BASF introduces extended solubilization and dermatology excipients portfolios

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After acquiring Cognis in 2011, BASF has significantly expanded its range of solubilization and dermatology excipients…


After acquiring Cognis in 2011, BASF has significantly expanded its range of solubilization and dermatology excipients.

The new dermatology and solubilization portfolios, launched on April 1, 2012, offer a wide range of innovative pharmaceutical-grade solubilizers, emulsifiers, solvents, consistency factors and emollients for all dosage forms.

New naming system reduces complexity

To make the portfolios easier to navigate, BASF has developed a new naming system for these products. The new names are related to compendial designations – so customers can easily identify each excipient’s application. All products within these portfolios now have ‘Kolli’ as the stem, plus a suffix reflecting the chemical structure: ‘phor’ for solubilizers and emulsifiers, ‘solv’ for solvents, ‘wax’ for consistency factors, and ‘cream’ for emollients.

“The new naming structure ensures a consistent branding for all products compliant with pharmaceutical regulations and to better facilitate customer orientation through strong and clear branding and clustering,” explains Dr. Thomas Rosen, Head of Global Marketing Dermatology & Solubilization. “The change in trade names in no way affects the quality of the products and production processes.” All affected products will continue to be manufactured to the same high standards at the same sites, with the same tried-and-tested QA systems in place.

BASF has made great strides in regards to solubilization and bioavailability enhancement in recent years, developing innovative solutions for even the toughest solubilization challenges. Soluplus, for example, is ideal for solubilizing poorly soluble APIs via hot-melt extrusion (HME). And Solu-HTS, BASF’s high-throughput screening robot, helps customers quickly pinpoint the right excipient or combination of excipients for their actives.

New technical solubilization compendium available BASF’s recently published Solubilization Compendium, the result of many years of research, provides expert advice on solubilizing compounds with poor solubility and bioavailability profiles. The publication provides an overview of all relevant BASF excipients, and offers guidance on selecting the most suitable solubilization product. In addition, it features chapters on the basic principles of solubilization, and offers practical advice on creating solid solutions and dispersions.

The Solubilization Compendium is available for download as a PDF at

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