Oral lipid-based drug delivery solutions to meet complex bioavailability challenges presented by two global Catalent experts at AAPS workshop

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Dr. Browne & Mr. Meissonnier will present…

Jeffrey E. Browne, Ph.D., Technical Director, Pharmaceutical Softgel Business Development, and Julien Meissonnier, Director, R&D Platform – Rx Softgel, Catalent Pharma Solutions, will be presenting “Dosage Form Options for Oral Lipid-based Drug Delivery Systems – Challenges and Possibilities” and “Lipid-based Drug Delivery Systems for Permeability Enhancement,” respectively, at the AAPS Workshop on Lipid-Based Delivery for Improving Drug Absorption: Mechanistic Understanding and Practical Approaches, being held in Baltimore, MD on Tuesday, April 24, 2012.

Dr. Browne will concentrate on the considerations that influence final dosage form selection for the successful commercialization of liquid and semi-solid lipid-based formulations. Two important factors that will be discussed in detail are the melting point and the hydrophilic/lipophilic balance (HLB) of the formulation. Dr. Browne will review other considerations including the manufacturability of the dosage form and its ability to protect the formulation throughout the shelf-life of the product.

Mr. Meissonnier will focus his discussion on the oral delivery of poorly permeable entities (large and small molecules) and their increased focus over the past few years. As an example, he will review the conversion from an intravenous or subcutaneous dosage form to an orally administered dosage form and what this will offer to the pharmaceutical industry, patients, and drug products with established, yet currently unmet safety profiles, for usage in long term/chronic indications. Mr. Meissonnier will also review recent case studies that illustrate the successful application of lipid-based formulation approaches for the oral delivery of poorly permeable drugs.

Dr. Browne is an active member of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), who serves on several Focus Group committees and frequently presents at regional and national AAPS meetings, and Mr. Meissonnier is an expert in his field and currently sits on the Board of Directors with the Alsace BioValley life sciences and healthcare cluster based in France. These Catalent industry experts are committed to solving the most complex bioavailability challenges and help Catalent to be the number one partner in global drug development. Recently, both Dr. Browne and Mr. Meissonnier participated in a Catalent webinar on improving oral bioavailability, “Unlocking the Therapeutic Potential of BCS Type II & IV Compounds: Oral Lipid-based Drug Delivery”.

Throughout his career, Dr. Browne has held various positions in pharmaceutical manufacturing & technical services, as well as drug delivery R&D, with a focus on topical, transdermal, inhalation, and oral liquid dosage forms. In 1994, Dr. Browne joined Catalent Pharma Solutions and has expanded his expertise in a variety of positions and sites including: VP Softgel R&D in St. Petersburg, FL; Executive Director & Division Head of Pharmaceutical Development in Research Triangle Park, NC; Director of Technical Services in St. Petersburg, FL; Account Director, Business Development; and most recently, Technical Director, Pharmaceutical Softgels. Dr. Browne holds his Ph.D. in Industrial & Physical Pharmacy from Purdue University.

Mr. Meissonnier has 14 years of experience in pharmaceutical development and leads Catalent’s global R&D platform for the development of softgel lipid-based drug delivery solutions. He provides technical and scientific leadership for the development of poorly soluble and poorly permeable drugs that lead to approvable regulatory dossiers. Mr. Meissonnier received his Engineering Degree in Physico-Chemistry from the ISMRa in Caen, France.

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