Oral drug delivery for Macromolecules using softgel lipid delivery systems to be presented by Catalent expert

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Jeffrey E. Browne at Catalent Pharma Solutions will be presenting…

Jeffrey E. Browne, Ph.D., R&D Director, US Platform Leader, Pharma Softgel at Catalent Pharma Solutions, will be presenting “Softgel Lipid-based Drug Delivery Systems: A Promising Technology for the Oral Delivery of Macromolecules,” at the Formulation and Drug Delivery Systems for Peptide and Protein Conference being held in San Diego on December 3-5, 2012.

Dr. Browne will discuss how to overcome the obstacles presented by the gastro-intestinal tract for the successful oral delivery of macromolecules. He will also explain the role permeation-enabled lipid-based formulations can play in achieving adequate oral absorption and how to ensure the optimal drug delivery strategy for macromolecules using softgel technologies.

Throughout his career, Dr. Browne has held various positions in pharmaceutical manufacturing and technical services, as well as drug delivery R&D, with a focus on topical, transdermal, inhalation and oral liquid dosage forms. In 1994, Dr. Browne joined Catalent Pharma Solutions and has expanded his expertise in a variety of positions including: VP Softgel R&D; Executive Director & Division Head of Pharmaceutical Development; Director of Technical Services; Account Director, Business Development; and Technical Director, Pharmaceutical Softgels. Dr. Browne holds a Ph.D. in Industrial & Physical Pharmacy from Purdue University.

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