Save hours and expand laboratory throughput with the new ANATEL Autosampler

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Hach Company is pleased to announce the release of the ASX 7200 Autosampler…

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Hach Company is pleased to announce the release of the ASX 7200 Autosampler for use with the reagentless ANATEL PAT700 TOC analyzer.

Hach Company, manufacturer of the ANATEL PAT700 Online TOC analyzer, is now offering pharmaceutical PW and WFI users with a reagentless off-line TOC and conductivity measurement solution with high-throughput grab sample capacity. The ANATEL PAT700, when matched with the ASX 7200 Autosampler, allows users to test multiple grab samples off-line without the need for reagents or carrier gas. The popular online version of the ANATEL PAT700 has been used previously for off-line sampling using the integrated 4-bottle grab sample system, but with the addition of the ASX 7200, users can test more bottles within the work day and load bottles in the autosampler to run overnight.

The ASX-7200 Autosampler was developed to handle the specific requirements of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing to meet the criteria outlined by USP <643> and <645> for TOC and Conductivity analysis. In addition, the PAT700 + Autosampler combination also meets the new Japan Pharmacopeia (JP16) compliance requirements for off-line sampling. Designed for durability and precision, the robust autosampler integrates seamlessly with the ANATEL PAT700 without the need for an external PC, reagents or carrier gas. The simple-to-use interface on the PAT700 allows users to load samples quickly without spending time creating a batch sequence. The ASX 7200 Autosampler comes standard with a rinse station and can run up to 36 sample bottles in one sequence with up to three replicates each. All data generated through the ASX 7200 remains protected by the 21 CFR Part 11 compliance of the PAT700 TOC analyzer.

Summary of key features include:

  • Save hours and expand laboratory throughput with the ANATEL PAT700 36 bottle autosampler!
    * Using the ASX-7200 autosampler allows laboratory users to set up 36 bottles for TOC analysis and walk away. Using the PAT700 there is no requirement for costly reagents or carrier gases
  • Data generated by the ASX 7200 – 21 CFR Part 11 compliant!

Our ANATEL sales and service teams around the world in the US, EU, and Asia pharmacopeia markets are readily available to provide information and services for the PAT700 and the ASX 7200 Autosampler.

For more information or to schedule a visit from your local sales or service team please visit our global website at:

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