Sirius Analytical product launch: surface dissolution imaging for real-time visualization of dissolution phenomena

Posted: 10 January 2013 | | 1 comment

Sirius Analytical Instruments Ltd announces the introduction of a new product…

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Sirius Analytical Instruments Ltd, the leaders in instrumentation and services for the determination of physicochemical properties, have announced the introduction of a new product, the Sirius SDI (Surface Dissolution Imager). The Sirius SDI includes award winning ActiPixTM UV area imaging technology, enabling real-time recording and review of data as a 2-dimensional movie of UV absorbance. When combined with specialized software analysis tools, a unique and time-saving insight into a compound’s performance can be gained because physical changes and dissolution can be visualized simultaneously.

Brett Hughes, Chief Executive Officer of Sirius Analytical said:

“The Sirius SDI is a technological break-through in dissolution imaging. For the first time, it is possible to look directly at the solid-liquid interface as the dissolution process is happening. The Sirius SDI extends our existing product range and expertise in solubility, dissolution and particle size and shape analysis perfectly.”

John Comer, Chief Scientific Officer of Sirius Analytical explained how the visualisation of the dissolution phenomena in real time provides a unique insight into the dissolution process of formulations as it happens:

“The measurement of solution concentration from only a few hundred microns from the surface of the solid/solution interface allows for the ranking of the intrinsic dissolution rate right from the very onset of the experiment, and provides an understanding of early occurrences of the dissolution process directly at the drug surface that are otherwise missed using traditional dissolution testing methods. Furthermore, the ability to generate multiple data sets within experimental runs of under 30 minutes with minimal sample requirements from only 2mg, is an ideal fit for early formulation development of active pharmaceutical ingredients with limited substance availabilities.“

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