CPHI Pharma Awards marks 20th anniversary

Three new categories added to the CPHI Pharma Awards mark its 20th anniversary edition and celebrates innovation in the industry.

Credit: CPHI - CPHI Pharma Awards 2022

The 20th anniversary edition of the CPHI Pharma Awards is open for entries. Three new categories have been created to reflect the surge of innovation sweeping the industry, from new methodologies to sustainability and philanthropic initiatives.

The CPHI Pharma Awards 2023 will celebrate global leaders from across 12 categories, including returning categories spanning development and manufacturing of devices and drugs, alongside packaging, supply chain, sustainability, regulatory compliance, and the CEO of the Year award. Previous winners include a who’s who of pharma manufacturing CEOs from Piramal and WuXi AppTec to Catalent and last year’s winner Aragen Life Sciences.

CPHI Pharma Awards 2023 categories

  1. Accelerating Innovation
  2. API Development & Innovation
  3. Finished Formulation
  4. Manufacturing Excellence
  5. Drug Delivery & Device Innovation
  6. Packaging & Machinery
  7. Supply Chain Excellence
  8. Sustainability
  9. Regulatory and Compliance
  10. CEO of the Year
  11. Start-Up Initiative
  12. At the Heart of Pharma

The new Start-up award will honour exhibitors from the start-up zone. Open to exhibitors, it is a new part of CPHI Barcelona that celebrates the vast number of recent stellar start-ups. This category will span projects at proof-of-concept stage to prototype or commercial launch.

In a change from 2022 and to reflect the wider efforts of many companies, the Covid Response category is renamed the Accelerating Innovation award. The winner will be selected based on innovations used to help combat the impact of global healthcare emergencies or future health emergencies.

Finally, the new Heart of Pharma award will celebrate the acceleration of social, ethical and philanthropic activities. This is to recognise the individuals, companies or initiatives that have made the most significant contributions to improving patient engagement or centricity, promoted corporate social responsibility and/or improvements to healthcare accessibility and equity.

Tara Dougal, Content Director, Pharma at Informa explained that the awards celebrate the “outstanding achievements of the industry in not just improving methods, processes and supply-side efficiencies but the real-world impacts these have on delivery.”

“Pharma has always been an industry centred on innovation and this has accelerated post pandemic, and we see new developments coming from all sizes of companies and parts of the world. These are the leaders we will celebrate at the awards,” Dougal added.

Submit your entry for the CPHI Pharma Awards. Entries close 15 May 2023.