Sweden gets new pharmaceutical aseptic filling line

Sever Pharma Solutions’ new aseptic filling line designed for high potent injectable drugs, features the latest automated systems.

Sweden gets new pharmaceutical aseptic filling line for syringes

Swedish Health authorities have approved contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) Sever Pharma Solutions’ state-of-the-art aseptic filling line. “We are thrilled to announce the approval of our new aseptic filling line for syringes, designed specifically for high potent injectable drugs,” stated Kenneth Stokholm, CEO at Sever Pharma Solutions.

The new aseptic filling line – expanding manufacturing capabilities

The new aseptic filling line provides a significant expansion of manufacturing capabilities at the company’s Malmo site, allowing for integration with its assembly solutions for auto-injectors. The systems offer precise and reliable assembly of auto-injectors, meeting the highest industry standards.

Features of the new line for syringes include the latest automated systems and quality control measures, ensuring the highest levels of safety, efficiency, and product integrity. Applying stringent aseptic techniques and advanced barrier systems in the aseptic filling line guarantees the sterility and purity of the drugs being filled. This maintains their potency throughout the entire process, highlighted Sever Pharma Solutions.

Europe’s fill and finish services market

According to a report published in March 2023 by Roots Analysis, Europe has the largest share of the global aseptic fill finish services market. Therefore, this new filling line in Sweden will help to uphold Europe’s position in the market.

The market report noted that there are over 235 aseptic fill finish service providers worldwide.

For packaging container type, it was found that the highest share of the fill finish services market is expected to be in vials and prefilled syringes.

Data also revealed that a growing demand for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical drug products has resulted in a greater required capacity for aseptic fill finish operations. Specifically, the data showed that higher demand for outsourcing manufacturing services such as fill finish includes strict regulatory requirements and advancements in technology.

The research predicted the global aseptic fill finish market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of seven percent between 2023-2035.