Ampoules packaging market forecast to 2033

Research suggests that the ampoules packaging market will see a seven percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2024 and 2033.

Ampoules packaging market

A report by The Brainy Insights has predicted that the ampoules packaging market will value $9.83 billion by 2033. This is expected to be largely driven by increasing demand for this packaging type.

A higher incidence of chronic diseases will propel growth of the market between 2024 and 2033, according to the data.

Prospects of the ampoules packaging market

On the other hand, advancements in ampoule packaging, as well as sustainability measures and manufacturing innovations such as automation and robotics, were highlighted as promising contributing factors for growth of the market.

packaging of ampoules has shifted towards high-quality plastic alternatives”

Notably, packaging of ampoules has “shifted towards high-quality plastic alternatives”, offering benefits including “reduced breakage risk and enhanced flexibility”.

Considering material type, glass ampoule packaging was found to hold a market share of around 77 percent in 2023, in comparison to plastic.

Expansion challenges for the market

Factors expected to limit growth of the ampoule packaging market to 2033 includes the fragile nature of glass ampoules causing transportation, storage, and handling issues. This can therefore limit growth of the market when it comes to product demand.

Furthermore, the research highlighted that the stability of some substances means ampoules are not suitable as a packaging type, and thus can limit their applicability, the report emphasised.

Other limitations include the small space available for labels on this type of packaging. This can raise safety concerns for patients, due to important information not being present on the packaging, the report stated.

As a result, these obstacles create opportunities for alternative packaging formats, such as prefilled syringes, vials, or blister packs, which will limit uptake of ampoule packaging, the authors continued.

Regional scope

In 2023, North America held a 38 percent share of the market revenue in the worldwide ampoule packaging market, the report noted.

Due to the regulators in the region requiring sterile and tamper-evident packaging, this is also “driving the preference for ampoules”.

The region’s “efficient production, distribution, and administration of pharmaceutical products” is also pushing the demand for this packaging.

Based on the report, key players in the market include Adelphi Healthcare Packaging, Gerresheimer AG, James Alexander Corporation and Schott AG.