Auditing is theme for next BGMA Quality Forum

Auditing will be a key theme of the British Generic Manufacturers Association’s (BGMA) next BGMA Quality Forum meeting on Wednesday, November 12th which is run in partnership with the MHRA.

The forum was launched earlier this year in conjunction with the UK’s medicines regulator in order to focus on issues and guidance relating to quality.

The group meets three times a year to share and discuss the latest information which impacts quality in the generics industry from auditing and inspections through to data integrity and issues surrounding API.

The next meeting will focus on a number of topics relating to audits looking at trends from inspections, effective practice, challenges and sharing information.

Paul Fleming, the BGMA’s Technical Director, said: “We have been very pleased with the response to our BGMA Quality Forum since we launched earlier this year.  Having a platform that manufacturers and the wider industry can share in partnership with our regulator is important as it allows information to be shared effectively.

“Within the UK, there is a very established and mature generics market and security of supply is paramount in order patients receive their medicines. Therefore anything we can do to promote quality and best practice is important for the continued sustainability of the industry and its supply chain.”

The forum is open to members and associate members of the BGMA and for further information please contact email [email protected]. Full information is also be available on the website

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