STALLERGENES and ActoGeniX to develop an innovative new class of oral allergy treatments

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STALLERGENES exercised option to pursue the exclusive development of application of ActoGeniX’s technology for targeted delivery of allergen-based treatments…

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STALLERGENES S.A., a global healthcare company specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies through allergen immunotherapy-based solutions, announced today that it has exercised the option to pursue the exclusive development of an innovative new class of oral allergy treatments in partnership with ActoGeniX NV, creator of ActoBioticsTM, in accordance with the contract signed in December 2013.

The collaboration centers on the development of a novel treatment approach based on allergen-specific tolerance through innovative delivery of allergens expressed and secreted by the allergen-secreting L.lactis bacteria. Stallergenes and ActoGeniX have successfully conducted a Proof of Principle (PoP) study in preclinical models to validate the application of ActoGeniX’s technology to allergens.

Dr. Bernard Coulie, Chief Executive Officer of ActoGeniX, said: “The PoP study provides the scientific basis for the applicability of our technology platform in allergen immunotherapy. We are  xtremely pleased to continue our collaboration with Stallergenes while we focus on progressing our existing pipeline and validating our technology platform in new therapeutic areas.”

Dr. Philippe Moingeon, Senior Vice President, Research and Pharmaceutical Development of STALLERGENES, commented: “With this first study, we are confident that the first-in-class technology platform provided by ActoGeniX is an innovative breakthrough that can offer targeted delivery of allergen-based treatments and further increase the efficacy of allergen immunotherapy. Our investment in such new technologies reflects Stallergenes’ commitment to innovation.”

On December 2, 2013, STALLERGENES and ActoGeniX entered into an agreement for the development of innovative first-in-class treatments of allergic diseases. Under the terms of this agreement, ActoGeniX is responsible for the creation of clinical product candidates based on the application of ActoBioticsTM genetically engineered lactic acid bacteria to a set of allergens defined by Stallergenes. STALLERGENES will have full development and exclusive worldwide commercialization rights to such clinical product candidates, and ActoGeniX will be eligible to receive preclinical, clinical, regulatory and commercial payments if certain milestones are reached, totaling up to € 75 million per allergen, as well as tiered royalties on the future product’s net sales.

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