Bruker launches new BRAVO Handheld Raman Spectrometer for Raw Materials identification

Posted: 19 March 2015 |

Bruker announces the launch of the new BRAVO handheld Raman spectrometer for identification of raw materials…

Bruker Corporation has announced the launch of the new BRAVO handheld Raman spectrometer for identification of raw materials.  The new BRAVO (Bruker RAman Verification Optics) complements Bruker’s Raman product range, featuring amongst others an innovative fluorescence mitigation, intuitive graphical user interface and a superior guided work-flow.  Due to its unique optical design BRAVO is the only handheld Raman spectrometer that is certified as class 1M Laser product.

The BRAVO is the first handheld Raman spectrometer with patented fluorescence mitigation that enables measurement of a much wider range of raw materials compared to previously available systems.  The intuitive graphical user interface and clearly visible touchscreen will guide the user easily through the measurement by simply touching icons available in 17 languages.  Also the final reports can be printed in the language defined for user interface.  Furthermore, BRAVO features Duo LASERTM excitation with two wavelengths resulting in high sensitivity across the entire spectral range, an automated wavenumber calibration for highly precise measurements, and automated measuring tip recognition IntelliTipTM.

“We strongly believe that BRAVO with its outstanding performance and highly innovative features provides additional value for routine applications as well as quality control in both labs and industrial environments.  Our ambition when developing BRAVO was to open a new era for handheld Raman analyzers.“ said Urban Faeh, President of Bruker Optics.

The BRAVO complements Bruker’s existing FT-Raman and Raman microscope product range, consisting of the stand-alone FT-Raman spectrometer MultiRAM, which is the most flexible and highest performance FT-Raman system on the market and the FT-Raman module RAM II, which can be adapted to the well-known FT-IR R&D spectrometer series VERTEX.  Providing virtual absence of fluorescence in microanalysis the unique FT-Raman microscope RamanScope III can be coupled to both the MultiRAM and RAM II.  The Bruker SENTERRA is the first compact Raman microscope spectrometer to include up to four excitation wavelengths and upgradeability with the FT-NIR excitation.

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