Wickham Laboratories announces upcoming webinar on Rapid Methods

Posted: 7 August 2015 |

Join us for a discussion on Rapid Screening Techniques, October 1 3PM London/10AM New York…

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We are pleased to announce that on October 1, we will be participating with leading chemistry testing facility, Butterworth Laboratories Ltd, in a joint webinar on Rapid Screening Techniques in Analysis for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries. This webinar will take place at 3PM London / 10AM New York and will be jointly presented by our Operations Manager, Dr. Lynne Murdoch and Mr. David Riches, Head of Analytical Operations at Butterworth.

Our speakers will be discussing the screening of excipients, APIs and finished products for elemental impurities and biological organisms. Dr. Murdoch is to provide an overview of rapid versus traditional methods for microbiological quality control testing in terms of benefits, challenges and applicable regulatory guidelines. Mr. Riches will compare ICP-MS versus alternative techniques for elemental impurity testing, what route companies can utilise for adoption of rapid screening methods and the regulatory requirements surrounding these methods.

We hope that you will be able to join us for both the discussion and a brief Q&A session afterward. If you would like to attend this webinar, please register from the online landing page located here.

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