Parkinson’s disease therapy safinamide launches in the UK

Posted: 23 May 2016 | | 1 comment

Commenting on the launch, Maurizio Castorina, CEO of Zambon, said safinamide offers PD patients “a novel therapeutic option”…

Zambon and Newron Pharmaceuticals have announced the availability of Xadago (safinamide) in the United Kingdom.


Safinamide is available for the treatment of adult patients with idiopathic Parkinson’s disease (PD) as an add-on therapy to a stable dose of Levodopa (L-dopa) alone or in combination with other Parkinson’s disease medicines in mid-to late-stage fluctuating patients.

Safinamide is a new chemical entity with a unique mode of action including selective and reversible MAO-B-inhibition and blocking of voltage dependent sodium channels which leads to modulation of abnormal glutamate release. Clinical trials have established its efficacy in controlling motor symptoms and motor complications in the short term, with data supporting this effect over 2 years. Results from 6 month double-blind controlled studies suggest that safinamide shows statistically significant effects on motor fluctuations (ON/OFF time) without increasing the risk of developing troublesome dyskinesia. Safinamide is a once-daily dose and has no diet restrictions.

Safinamide now available in eight countries

Commenting on the availability of the treatment, Andrew Lees, MD FRCP, FMedSci, Professor of Neurology, (The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square and Emeritus Director, Reta Lila Weston Institute of Neurological Studies, University College London, Institute of Neurology), said: “After 10 years with no new drugs for Parkinson’s disease I welcome the addition of another effective treatment option for patients.”

Maurizio Castorina, CEO of Zambon, added: “We are committed to developing innovative therapies for patients suffering from PD and other central nervous system diseases. Xadago offers PD patients a novel therapeutic option in the treatment of this progressive disease.”

The UK is the latest country launching safinamide, which is also available in seven other countries: Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, and Sweden.

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One response to “Parkinson’s disease therapy safinamide launches in the UK”

  1. Brian Dutton says:

    Is it possible you can direct me to the person or department responsible for the adoption of and the prescribing of Safinamide in the local health trust (South Tyneside).
    Or perhaps advice how best to speed the use of the medication.

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