Cerno Bioscience Announces Spectral Accuracy is a Proven Companion Concept to Mass Accuracy for MS

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Cerno Bioscience announces that spectral accuracy is a proven companion concept for MS…

Cerno Bioscience announces that spectral accuracy is a proven companion concept for MS...

Cerno Bioscience today announces that spectral accuracy is a proven companion concept for mass spectrometry (MS).

0920 Spectral AccuracySpectral accuracy, a companion concept to the better known mass accuracy, which enables new capabilities for MS that were previously thought unfeasible, includes elemental composition determination (formula ID) with even a single quadrupole GC/MS or LC/MS and the elimination of up to 99% of incorrect formulas on high resolution MS systems through mass accuracy alone.

The concept of spectral accuracy for MS has more crucial relevance to the ions being measured and the MS instrumentation used. By utilizing a novel calibration scheme to correct not only m/z but more importantly peak shape, up to 100 times better mass accuracy and unparallel spectral accuracy could be achieved on an otherwise conventional unit mass resolution quadrupole system for elemental composition determination, a capability typically reserved for higher resolution MS systems. This is accomplished through a process called CLIPS™ in the commercially available MassWorks™ software. Equally importantly, the unique peak shape calibration (sCLIPS™) of high resolution MS data obtained with TOF, qTOF, Orbitrap or other FTMS systems can achieve high spectral accuracy to eliminate the majority of incorrect formula candidates from consideration.

A new paper entitled: “The Concept of Spectral Accuracy for MS” which discusses and demonstrates this concept in more detail has been published in Analytical Chemistry, a leading peer-reviewed publication and is the September 1 issue front cover feature. To access Cerno Bioscience’s recently published article in Analytical Chemistry, please visit

Dr. Yongdong Wang, President of Cerno Bioscience comments: “After being awarded the most innovative new product at its debut at PittCon 2006, MassWorks has enjoyed great commercial success with 100% growth year-after-year by winning over hundreds of loyal users worldwide, even during the economic recession. The acceptance and publication of this cover feature article by this authoritative journal marks another important milestone for Cerno by underscoring the technical superiority of Cerno technologies.”

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