Customised pharmaceutical sieves for high-containment screening

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Russell Compact Sieve combined with high containment isolator provide innovative screening solution for pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Customized pharmaceutical sieves for high-containment screening

When a leading pharmaceutical producer sought a sieving solution for processing pharmaceutical APIs, Powder Systems Limited (PSL), high-quality customised process equipment manufacturer, combined expertise with Russell Finex, global leaders in separation technology, to provide a customised solution.

A contained screening solution was required to enable the customer to manufacture potent compounds to CGMP standards. PSL combined its own high containment isolator with the Russell Compact Sieve®, providing a unique, safe, usable solution to safely sieve hazardous material, capable of processing compounds with an occupational exposure limit of less than 1.0μg/m3.

Customized pharmaceutical sieves for high-containment screening

PSL’s isolator has a half-body suit which allows unrestricted access to the interior of the chamber, whilst ensuring the operator remains safely clear of direct contact with the product. Due to its compact design, the Russell Compact Sieve® was the smart choice for installation inside the isolator. This sanitary sifter provides accurate, high capacity screening and processing of pharmaceutical powders at less than half the size of traditional industrial screeners, accurately removing all contamination. A customised version was manufactured on this occasion, with the sieve motor needing to be outside of the isolator, for explosion risk purposes. This was therefore placed in a control cabinet with a plate separating the motor from the sieve.

Read the full case study for more information about this customised pharmaceutical sieving solution or contact Russell Finex to find how you can improve your production processes and benefit from 80 years of experience in the sieving and filtration industry.

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