Honeywell Launches Double-Certified Reference Materials For Calibration Of Laboratory Instruments

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Honeywell announced the launch of its first series of Hydranal™ double-certified reference materials (CRM) for Karl Fischer Titration…

Hydranal water standard Honeywell

Honeywell announced the launch of its first series of Hydranal™ double-certified reference materials (CRM) for Karl Fischer Titration.

Hydranal water standard Honeywell

Until now, commercially available water standards for Karl Fischer Titration have been tested under ISO/IEC 17025 or no standard at all. The new generation of standards from Honeywell Research Chemicals are produced and certified under ISO Guide 34 in addition to ISO/IEC 17025. This double accreditation means researchers can rely on compliance with the strictest regulatory requirements.

“Since our Hydranal product line was launched more than 35 years ago, our laboratory in Seelze, Germany, has applied a high standard for production and quality control of Karl Fischer reagents and water standards,” said Soeren Hoegh, global marketing manager of Honeywell Research Chemicals. “Our customers’ results are directly affected by the quality of the certified reference materials they use, so we have committed to continuously improving our processes to ensure that our products help them deliver the best quality research results. Attaining double-certified Standard Accredited CRM marks the latest step in that commitment.”

With increasing pressure from regulatory authorities and rising user demand for better quality measurement results, more and more laboratories are acquiring accreditation. This accreditation allows them to demonstrate their measurement performance and the traceability of their results through CRM.

The Hydranal CRM range is available to order now via Research Chemicals’ newly launched e-commerce site, which was co-created with laboratory and research center managers to ensure it meets the needs of Honeywell’s customers and the changing nature of purchasing chemicals. The Honeywell Hydranal range includes:

The German national accreditation body, DAkkS, confirmed the Honeywell Research Chemicals Hydranal Center of Excellence to be one of a selected group of institutes and companies worldwide that are accredited as a CRM producer under ISO Guide 34.

Honeywell Research Chemicals’ roots in the industry date back more than 200 years to when Chemist Johann Daniel Riedel started production of pharmaceuticals in Berlin. The Research Chemicals business is headquartered in Seelze, near Hanover, Germany. It manufactures high-purity solutions for laboratory research and testing applications. To learn more about Honeywell’s research chemicals portfolio, visit

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