Exco InTouch introduces unique ‘Free SMS’ and ‘Free Data Download’ features

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New measures will help drive down sponsor costs within clinical trials…

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Exco InTouch, the leading provider of patient communication solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, has announced two unique measures which help drive down sponsor costs within clinical trials. The first of these measures is a ‘Free SMS’ facility for sponsors who wish to ensure that their text message reminder services for retention and compliance are provided without the patient incurring any costs. The second is the inclusion of a new ‘Free Data Download’ feature for Exco InTouch’s mobilePRO (electronic Patient Reported Outcomes using mobile technology) solutions which also removes any direct patient costs.

Currently, Exco InTouch is the only provider of ePRO solutions to offer this Free Data Download feature, which enables clinical trial patients to install ePRO applications for data capture to their cellphone without incurring data costs. This feature also improves patient retention and compliance and enables clinical trial sponsors to benefit from improved data quality, better study budgeting and improved study timelines.

Initial projects using these unique product features will take place in several European and North American studies, with Exco InTouch anticipating significant benefits for clinical trial sponsors. The Free SMS and Free Data Download features offer the capacity for ‘all-inclusive’ mobile content pricing, regardless of a patient’s mobile data plan, facilitating tighter control of budgets and better patient engagement. In addition, the Free Data Download feature allows the development of more complex mobile ePRO applications to capture extensive data from the patient without the issue of associated data charges.

To ensure optimal compliance, both these features are being deployed to reduce phone provisioning costs for those patients who do not have a mobile data plan and enable patients to use their own cell phone. In addition, they simplify the patient reimbursement process for clinical trial sites. This reduces the significant time expenditure and cost for administration, which occurs as a result of the difficulty in accurately tracking and rating data traffic associated with a clinical trial process. Patient participation is also improved as the service eliminates the need for off-putting disclaimers in patient materials such as ‘other charges may apply’.

Tim Davis, CEO at Exco InTouch, comments: ‘As the only clinical mobile provider currently offering this feature, the introduction of Free SMS and Free Data Download reaffirms Exco InTouch’s position as an innovator, leading the way in patient communication solutions. By removing the patient charging component, sponsors will not only benefit from patient retention and compliance, but also from the associated improvements including shorter study timelines, reduced and controlled budgets and better, more extensive data quality and accuracy.”

Recent studies have shown that cellphone-based eDiaries can ensure patient compliance rates of over 95% per cent, in addition to reducing overall clinical development costs. Exco InTouch’s range of mobilePRO diaries and assessments use the patient’s own cell phone (or a phone commissioned by Exco InTouch) as an electronic data-collection platform, ensuring that all information is collected accurately, sensitively and in a timely manner.

Patients can complete diary questionnaires either via a series of text messages sent to their own cellphone, an ‘online’ diary/assessment via the phone’s mobile internet capabilities or an application that is downloaded to the handset. Customized reminder messages sent to individuals also improve protocol compliance by including information such as dosage, frequency and advice on taking medication safely, alongside prompting patients for a response.

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