Market leaders Expo Technologies, Umetrics provide better PAT tool connectivity

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Expo Technologies and Umetrics Inc. announce the release of Expo’s NovaMath 5.0…


Expo Technologies (St. Louis, MO) and Umetrics Inc. (San Jose, CA), industry leaders in providing tools for Pharma PAT, announce the release of Expo’s NovaMath 5.0 with capability to use models built in SIMCA- P+ by the SIMCA-QP tool. This capability allows process measurement devices controlled by Expo’s NovaPAC/NovaMath applications to run Umetrics’ SIMCA- P+ models, in real time.

“The first version of NovaPAC was installed in 2000, before the phrase PAT was even coined, so there are many process spectrometers out there that use Expo’s platform, and these can now access SIMCA-P+’s functionality,” Paul Davies, president of Expo Technologies, explained. “It has always been our goal to provide better inter-connectivity of tools for the Pharmaceutical PAT community, and this latest collaboration between Expo and Umetrics is another step towards that goal.”

SIMCA- P+ multivariate analysis software performs cluster analysis and PLS regression with classification trees. It has full OPLS® and O2PLS® functionalities and improved support for hierarchical PCA and PLS. The analysis of batch data is improved through summarized contribution plots that can be resolved to the level of individual variables.

“There are many improvements in data preprocessing, graphics, and data handling, facilitating the analysis of complex data sets for today’s pharmaceutical PAT processes,” said Lars Lindström, Umetrics general manager.

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