Greenphire Partners with Mytrus to provide web-based solutions

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Greenphire, partners with Mytrus to deliver novel and efficient web-based solutions for clinical trial patients…

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Greenphire, the industry leading provider of clinical payment and communication technology solutions, has announced the partnership with Mytrus to deliver novel and efficient web-based solutions for clinical trial patients. In an industry characterized by timeless corporate giants like Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Merck, two young technology companies are partnering to transform the clinical research environment. Recognizing longstanding deficiencies in the traditional clinical trials process, Greenphire LLC, based in Philadelphia and San Francisco startup Mytrus Inc. have developed web-based solutions to streamline the arduous and expensive tasks of recruiting, retaining, and efficiently administering clinical trials. Greenphire’s ClinCard System, a web-based patient payment, management and communication platform, compliments the functionality offered by Mytrus and its innovative methods for allowing patients to participate in clinical research studies directly from their own homes.

By revolutionizing the clinical research process with these new technologies, Greenphire and Mytrus hope to empower patients to play a larger and more critical role in pharmaceutical development. In contrast to the traditional environment in which patients have often needed to repeatedly travel long distances to be evaluated by participating medical centers, Mytrus allows patients to use innovative web technology to provide their own study data over the internet and then be immediately compensated directly to a Greenphire ClinCard debit card the patient carries around in their wallet.

Greenphire’s patent-pending ClinCard technology offers a fully configurable, web-based patient payment, management, and communication engine, enabling sponsor and site administrators to deliver study-specific messaging programs executed by text, email and voice messages while delivering patient stipends, managing patient travel arrangements and providing travel reimbursements in a controlled and automated real-time environment. The ClinCard’s functionality is in compliance with industry regulation and implemented according to the requirements of each specific study protocol.

The ClinCard System has been proven to drive increased site and patient satisfaction, reduced site and sponsor administration, increased patient retention, increased protocol compliance and reduced regulatory risk for the sponsor.

Mytrus’ revolutionary model effectively relieves the clinical environment of confinement to brick and mortar research offices, replacing them with web-based tools for recruiting and managing patients from a single remote site in San Francisco. Mytrus studies feature Greenphire’s ClinCard

technology to deliver real-time stipend and reimbursement payments to their study participants. Patients receive a ClinCard immediately upon study enrollment and then receive milestone payments as they progress through a study.

By introducing technology driven ways to provide easy and instant patient access, Greenphire and Mytrus can significantly impact subject recruitment, retention and overall study satisfaction. It has been estimated that up to 30% of patients drop out of phase II/III trials, resulting in 90% of studies missing their target completion dates. Greenphire and Mytrus are out to convince large pharmaceutical developers that implementing new technology-based tools to improve retention, compliance and administrative efficiency will go a long way towards reducing the estimated $1 billion cost associated with bringing a new product to market.

The core of the Greenphire-Mytrus partnership is a shared passion for enhancing the clinical research experience for sponsors, CROs, sites and especially trial subjects. Both Greenphire and Mytrus take a service-driven approach to facilitating direct, simple and convenient participation in clinical research.

Sam Whitaker, Founder and CEO of Greenphire, commented that “Mytrus’ model is effectively empowering the patient by making studies more accessible while allowing sponsors to cost effectively start, recruit and complete clinical trials.” He continued to comment that “Greenphire is proud to play a role in helping Mytrus to achieve its goals. We believe that our patient-centric approach to improving clinical trials is fundamentally complimentary to the Mytrus philosophy.”

“After looking at various options, we are excited to be working with Greenphire,” stated Anthony Costello, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Mytrus. “Appropriate compensation is an important part of keeping patients engaged on clinical trials and the ClinCard system gives us another great way to reach out to patients frequently as our studies progress.”

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