Lundbeck appoints Senior Vice President of HR

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H. Lundbeck A/S has appointed Teddy Hebo Larsen as Senior Vice President of HR…

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H. Lundbeck A/S (Lundbeck) has appointed Teddy Hebo Larsen as Senior Vice President of HR. Since his appointment as Vice President of HR in 2009, he has spearheaded the company’s strategic efforts to define and support the development of a high-performance culture. Teddy Hebo Larsen reports directly to Lundbeck CEO Ulf Wiinberg, and is a member of the corporate management group.

Making strategy and the organization more professional

Teddy Hebo Larsen’s background and expertise within leadership development and cultural change have left their mark at Lundbeck during his first two years with the company. Under his leadership, Lundbeck initiated its first internal, global talent program to retain and develop Lundbeck global talents, and transform them into global leaders.

Teddy Hebo Larsen has also been in charge of structuring and professionalizing Lundbeck’s HR systems and processes to support the development of a high-performance culture across the 57 countries where Lundbeck has subsidiaries. Among milestones in this effort are the development of a common HR strategy and the establishment of a new HR organization.

“This appointment is in recognition of the hard work and results that Lundbeck’s HR organization, under Teddy’s leadership, has delivered over the past two years,” says Lundbeck CEO Ulf Wiinberg. “Teddy has played a key role in our efforts to develop a strong organization with a winner culture, and he has improved our HR systems and processes in a very professional manner.”

International HR experience

Teddy Hebo Larsen, 58, trained as a veterinarian and came to Lundbeck after having been employed by Eli Lilly, a major U.S. pharmaceutical company, for 23 years. Among his other achievements at Eli Lilly were his stints as country manager for Denmark and Norway, where he headed the significant expansion of these two subsidiaries, and his work to implement Ely Lilly’s new, global HR strategy.

Teddy Hebo Larsen was also vice-chairman and chairman of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Denmark from 2000 to 2003.

“I am of course very pleased with the recognition reflected by this appointment,” says Teddy Hebo Larsen. “Heading HR at Lundbeck is an incredibly exciting and challenging job. I am looking forward – along with the rest of the corporate management group – to contributing to Lundbeck’s continuing development in the future.”

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