PQE launches the new Digital Governance Business Line

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At PQE Group we foster innovation, efficiency and quality services for sustainable regulated compliance solutions.

Reggello, 29th May – At PQE Group we foster innovation, efficiency and quality services for sustainable regulated compliance solutions.
Life Science companies are transforming their way of doing business, due to the pressure of reducing health costs, improving manufacturing processes, the rise of personalized medicine. Striving to maintain a high level of quality in the Global Market, companies have to rethink their Technological Landscape.

The new PQE Business Line on Digital Governance is focused to help Life Science companies making a seamless move into the next business generation, considering the Digitalization process as the tool for “conquering the future”.

Digital Governance is based on five pillars:
– Innovation: by investing into knowledge and people being capable to advice on the latest market evolution and trends
– Reliability: by combining pragmatic thinking, analysis and competitive assessment, being able to select the most effective hypotheses for the customer
– Trustworthy: suggesting an independent regulated proposition centered on customer needs
– Availability: by considering the business requirements, empowering operations meant to succeed in today’s global market
– Compliance: aligning with world top-standards both from regulatory and technical standpoints

PQE Digital Governance envisions a transformation Journey, which embraces four milestones:

Think Digital (Experience): listen to the stakeholders to retrieve objectives, business requirements and review together potential needs & risks.

Behave Digital (Strategy): build a strategy with internal stakeholders and customers based on the value discovery and scenarios. The purpose is to optimize the value for money by considering both, Business and Information Technology aspects.

Act Digital (Implementation): conduct the project and implement the solution leveraging entrusted PQE methodologies.

Be Digital (Ongoing): establish continuous improvement of any value proposition turned into an operational solution enabling sustainable services.

The Digital Governance journey is designed to move across five different service domains:

IT Governance: How to align Information Technologies capability with today business requirement needs? How to ensure IT compliance with the different international standards and regulations? Ensuring an effective and efficient use of IT operations for enabling an organization to achieve its goals.

IT Infrastructure: It’s the skeleton of the information services of any company. It is key to ensure the company operation is running over a performing and secured IT infrastructure. Availability and efficiency are nowadays critical factors to ensure effective customer relations and business success.

System lifecycle: The proliferation of the applications inside the companies are creating an uncontrolled mixture of interactions and an increased amount of replicated data. Only by assessing the needs and by understanding the business processes upfront, the applications landscape can be put under control (reduce cost) and performance and time can be optimized (increase employee efficiency).

Cyber Security: the greater the number of company devices connected to the Internet, the higher is the risks of the company to come under attack. Cybersecurity starts from technical solutions, moves into procedures and compliance and ends by empowering the employee with education and awareness. A joint effort and full understanding of the risk can bring the people and company to success.

Digital Enablers: today’s life science world is starting moving towards a digital transformation, whose potential benefits can be easily anticipated. Due to different cultural reasons and compliance concerns, leaders have not moved towards this direction yet. These are the factors to position at the starting block for the new Business Era. Get ready to embrace the “Digital” as the “Enabler” for more business opportunities.

PQE Group, with Digital Governance line of services, is laying down a sixth pillar to their portfolio. With this new addition, the goal of 360° consulting for Life Science industry is one more step closer.

It is possible to receive a free guide e-book, subscribing at this link.

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