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Progress by the Proteomics Standards Initiative

7 February 2009 | By Dr Chris Taylor, Senior Software Engineer, European Bioinformatics Institute and Lennart Martens, Group Co-ordinator of Proteomics Services, European Bioinformatics Institute

There are compelling reasons for regularising the capture and description of proteomics data. Adhering to community-consensus specifications for the annotation of data sets can increase confidence in results and the conclusions drawn upon them, and supports data re-use; working with standard formats and vocabularies can raise efficiency and facilitates sophisticated…


Detecting microRNA targets or siRNA off-targets using expression data

3 December 2008 | By

Recently, small RNAs such as microRNAs (miRNAs) have been demonstrated to be important regulators in both plants and animals. In animals miRNAs act as translational repressors of target genes through a combination of inhibition of translation and mRNA destabilisation. These molecules have been implicated in a multitude of diseases, including…