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The role of HTS in eADMET profiling

Issue 5 2006, Past issues / 28 September 2006 / Werner Stuermer, Altana Pharma

Historically (until the late 1980s), compounds discovered by phenotypical in vivo screens were at least characterised with implicit ADMET data. An attractive compound in these test systems was available at the (usually unknown) target; had a minimal toxicological profile (the animal did not die immediately) and gave phenotypical (High-Content) information in the animal used for the experiment.

Applications in target ID and validation

Issue 4 2005, Past issues / 11 November 2005 / Oliver C. Steinbach, Head of Department, Technology Management, ALTANA Pharma AG

RNAi technology provides the ‘loss of function’ approach, which has been widely used in the last couple of years for analysis of gene function, and in drug discovery for identification and validation of potential drug target candidates. This technology is now widely applied for functional screens in order to identify disease associated signals and targets whose specific inhibition could potentially result in a curative effect for treatment of complex human diseases. The focus of such screens is evolving more towards druggable gene families rather than genome wide approaches – the latter being expensive, complex and sometimes confusing.


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