Dr. Amarpreet S Dhiman - Articles and news items

Specialisation impacts the European Contract Research Services market

Industry Focus 2007, Past issues / 7 April 2008 /

Research within the pharmaceutical industry has tripled in the past 25 years, with the pipelines of the top companies doubling. Stricter regulations, guidelines, price and reimbursement legislation all result in a changing business environment. The growing market in drug development and increase in research and development (R&D) investment, including that of small service companies; coupled with an increase in development costs; the importance of timely development of new products and the aim of reducing time-to-market are all important financial considerations for achieving business growth.

Contract Manufacturing Organisations poised for great opportunities

Industry Focus 2007, Past issues / 7 April 2008 /

In the highly competitive contract manufacturing outsourcing (CMO) market the industry is on the rise with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies targeting their resources towards marketing, rather than production and drug discovery. Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies are faced with the need to outsource the manufacture of their products for a variety of reasons.


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