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qPCR: Current technologies and future applications

qPCR: Current technologies and future applications

Genomics, Issue 2 2010 / 9 May 2010 / European Pharmaceutical Review

A diverse and widely applicable laboratory technique, qPCR is vital for the progression of drug discovery, enabling detection and quantification and commonly used for both diagnostic and basic research. This roundtable brings together experts from a wide range of pharmaceutical applications to discuss current technologies and future applications of qPCR for drug discovery and the pharmaceutical industry.


Ex-vivo LPS stimulation model coupled with quantitative PCR and its multispecies application in immunonutrition

Genomics, Issue 1 2010 / 22 February 2010 /

Disorders of the immune systems leading to chronic inflammation and allergies are increasing in modern societies. While the possible causative factors are both environmental and nutritional, prevention and even curative options may be derived from our diet. Because background levels of cytokine expression in the general population are generally low, this model was developed to mimic an acute pro-inflammatory threat by a bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS).


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