Jeremy C. Simpson - Articles and news items

Basics of image analysis in High Content Screening

Issue 6 2009, Past issues / 12 December 2009 /

Automated high content screening platforms are capable of producing thousands of images per day. The challenge is to use appropriate analysis methods to extract the maximum amount of biologically-relevant information from these images. In this article we summarise the basic concepts of image analysis and highlight examples of both open-source and commercial software that are available for use with image data sets generated using high-throughput methods.

Genome-wide High Content Analysis of cellular pathways

Issue 1 2008, Past issues / 23 January 2008 /

Creating the molecular tools to combat human disease and infection remains the cornerstone activity of the pharmaceutical industry. The methodologies employed to discover new drugs has continually evolved as new biological techniques have emerged1; nevertheless the development of each novel compound is still only realised after many years of careful research, and a detailed analysis […]


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